Vagabonding In The City

My disaster stint in Alaska cost my apartment in Fort Greene.

Too many hours.

Too little money.

How little?

$100 for a thirteen hour day.

I wasn’t cut out for selling silver trinkets to geriatric cruise line passengers.

May was not the month to make sales in Juneau.

Six days a week.

I lasted a month and returned to New York with less than $600 in my pocket.

My apartment was sublet and I was $4500 in arrears to my landlord and good friend.

I worked everywhere throughout the summer.

On a house in Catskill, New York.

On a farm in Greenwich, New York.

Where a tree bloodied my skull.

My son Fenway was hurt in a motorcycle crash in Thailand.

Not bad and he remains handsome as ever.

On a house in Greenwich, New York.

My old job of selling diamonds was gone.

I hated hard labor, but it was better than not working at all, which is what I’ve been doing the last week.

A vagabond without a place to live.

I used to fit right into this street.

And one day I will again.

Just not today.

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