Dirtbag Hollywood

Hollywood is not Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The former is where dreams come true, where as the good people of the latter pray for the souls of the damned.

Even Dorothy Gale in THE WIZARD OF OZ recognized after the whirlwind carried her and her dog Toto to Oz that ‘they weren’t in Kansas anymore’

Hollywood doesn’t pretend to be holy.

Fame and fortune are goals achieved by ruination, yet thousands of actors, actresses, directors, producers, make-up artist et al strive for greatness blinded by the allure of the bright lights.

Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death scared no one from Topeka.

James Dean’s gory crash glorified the cult of ‘live fast and die young’.

Everyone thinks bad endings are for shitty movies or someone else.

Unfortunately the cast of characters include sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, who has been outed for serial assaults on starlets and actresses. Some names are top rank. Many are bit players. His scumbag producers was allowed to pursue his perversion, because he put out successful films, Shakespeare in Love, Escape from Planet Earth, Who’s Your Caddy? and dozens of other classics. Weinstein was powerful enough to squash any report and discredit any reporters or victim.

“You’ll never work in this town again?”

The fat fuck.

All his defenders cared about was money.


His brother had the balls to say he wasn’t aware of Harvey’s evil ways.


But it’s funny that the wall of silence has been broken this September.

He must have threatened someone bigger.

“I’m not going down alone.”

It has to be someone really big, because a criminal can only snitch up to a whale..

Yes, Mssr. Small Hands.

But # 45 ain’t alone.

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