Target Guam

North Korea’s nuclear strike capacity has improved greatly over the past ten years.

In 2006 the Hermit Kingdom announced a successful nuclear explosion. Pacific Rim nations have attempted negotiations with the hardline Communist dictatorship. Kim Il-sung and his youngest son Kim Jong-un have confounded diplomats attempting a negotiated settlement to curtail North Korea’s developing more powerful weapons of mass destruction. Talk is futile and China, North Korea’s trading partner, has been silent on the matter.

This week Kim Jong-un stated that North Korea will conduct a missile test aimed at Guam, a US territory in the Pacific. The island’s residents have been warned not to look into the blast flash. President Trump has promised that the US military is ready to strike with the full force of its might and Japan has upgrade their defense status. China has said it will defend North Korea against any preemptive attack, but will remain neutral, if North Korea hits Guam.

People are scared.

They think WWIII is about to happen.

Personally I think nothing will occur.

Hitting North Korea’s missile sites is no walk in the park.

They are well-protected.

Invasion is out of the question.

A bloody war involving millions is not an option.

However #45’s political base is itching for a fight.

And the Pentagon has been planning this war forever.

“We can win.”

Obviously none of them learned anything from Afghanistan


It only leads to ruins.

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