No Eyes for Jimmy

After the US Army discharged Jimi Hendrix in 1965, the Seattle native moved with drummer Billy Cox to Nashville. That city might have been home for the Country-Western scene, but for Hendrix and Cox it was someplace to call home while they were gigging on the Chittlin’ Circuit. The two performed with Chuck Jackson, Slim Harpo, Tommy Tucker, Sam Cooke, and Jackie Wilson, but Hendrix hated playing a supporting role for these stars and moved to New York in hopes of becoming a headliner.

While winning #1 at the Apollo Theater, Hendrix had to support himself by touring with soul recording artists such as Wilson Pickett and I might have seen him in 1966 at BC High before his trip to London. No one in the audience other than a few black-cock struck Catholic school girls had eyes for the future immortal guitarist. Wilson Pickett was the center of attention with his hits MUSTANG SALLY and FUNKY BROADWAY. Within a year Jimi Hendrix would burn his guitar on the stage of the Monterrey Pop Festival.

The world would never be the same.

To see Jimi with the Wicked Wilson Pickett please go to the following URL

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