YOU BET I COULD Uschi Obermaier

Several years ago Duncan Hannah posted this black and white photo of Uschi Obermaier.

I was struck by her free beauty and the fact that I had never heard of the 1960s icon.

In an article from the Independent Uschi railed against working-class Munich and said, “I used to wish for a plane crash, just for a bit of action. Where I lived, I felt nothing happens and nothing ever will happen.”

Like many youths of that time I knew this feeling of spiritual displacement.

Uschi escaped a dour existence to become Germany’s #1 groupie.

Of Hendrix she recounted their affair at the Kempenski hotel, “He was the most beautiful of all my men. Making love with Jimi was one of the most profound experiences for me.”

Excuse me while I touch the sky.

Later a radical she left Europe with a pimp.

They were a cool couple.

Now more than ever.

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ps I need a time machine.

uschi I want you.

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