Huffington Post Fluff

The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington on May 9, 2005. Ms. Huffington was a respected conservative journalist and under her tutelage she transformed the website into the leading liberal source of information.

I regularly visited the site.

Arianna Huffington was succeeded by Lydia Polgreen, formerly of The New York Times, in 2015.

The website has become a rag with paid ads posing as news.

Here are today’s banners.

This Map Shows What People Hate The Most In Each State

Christie Brinkley Poses Nude, Save For A Big Leaf, At 63

Trophy Hunter Kills Cecil The Lion’s Son Outside National Park

6 Wild Claims Trump Made In His Utterly Unhinged New York Times Interview

7 Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board A Plane

Illusion? Trump Jr. Is Too Similar To This ‘Arrested Development’ Character.

America’s Bacon Lovers Won’t Be Happy To Hear This.

Forget fake news.

The HuffPost specializes in non-news.

All the non-news fit to print.

Officially dead.

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