Traitor # 45

In Edward Everett Hale’s “The Man Without a Country” a a young United States Army lieutenant, Philip Nolan, befriend by Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton’s killer, who attempted to establish a republic on the Mississippi far from Washington.

At Philip Nolan’s trial he declared to the judge, “I wish I may never hear of the United States again!”

And that was his sentence.

To never hear the words again.

And for the rest of his life he voyaged on US Navy ships without ever hearing of his estranged homeland.

His rancor turned to love and Nolan told a young sailor, “Remember, boy, that behind all these men… behind officers and government, and people even, there is the Country Herself, your Country, and that you belong to her as you belong to your own mother. Stand by her, boy, as you would stand by your mother… !”

Philip Nolan died at sea.

A traitor in love with his country.

After WWII the USA and the West waged a global Cold War against the USSR and its soviet client states.

Stalin was a name of horror.

Godless communism was the religion of Russia.

The fall of China to Mao’s Red Army upped the stakes.

More defeats followed in rapid succession.


The surrender of Dien Bien Phu liberated France’s Indochina colonies.

The USSR beat the USA into Space with the launch of Sputnik.

The satellite flew over America far out of reach of our missiles and nuclear bombs.

And then Castro took Havana from the Mafia with Che Guevera at his side.

The estates of the rich were turned over to the people.

Fidel spoke for hours on the radio and the cuban people listened to them.

Communism was only 90 miles from Key West.

Vietnam fell to Ho Chi Minh’s forces.

Laos to the Pathet Lao and Cambodia to the genocidal Khmer Rouge.

Central America, Ethiopia, and finally Afghanistan fell to the Russian Bear.

Nikita Khruschev’s boast “We will bury you.” seemed to be coming true.

But the USSR ad no food.

Vodka ravaged the population.

It was cheap food.

The missiles in the silos were drained by the troops to get at alcohol.

And they didn’t have drag racing.

Although the USSR had the Hadi-5

Plus Sputnik.

Americans said, “Fuck Space. Fuck Hadi-5. We got Daytona.”

The USSR collapsed in the 90s.

Its empire splintered into smaller states, however Russia remained Russian.

Americans thought the Bear was no longer a threat.

They were wrong.

In 2016 the Electoral College voted Donald Trmp to be America’s 45th president.

His best friend is Boris Putin, the leader of All the Russias.

“I have no relationship with him other than he called me a genius. He said Donald Trump is a genius and he is going to be the leader of the party and he’s going to be the leader of the world or something.”.

Yesterday ex-FBI director testified before Congress about Trump’s ties with its old enemy.

One word came to mind.


Traitor to the USA.

Except to his KKK alt-right minions.

To them # 45 is still a hero.

White is right.

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