President Fatso

# 45 XXXXXL won the 2016 Electoral College, because at people i America decided that they wanted one of their own in the Oval Office.

I recently mentioned my theory to my older brother, who replied that fat comments were not appropriate.

“I’m more than chubby.”

“But you’re skinny in comparison to Trump.”

“Agreed. Maybe he should wear black.”

You mean like Orson Welles.”

The famed director weighed over 500 pounds at the time of death from a heart attack.

I can’t attack Welles too much.

He was an atheist.

“No, I mean the one and only Man in Black, Johnny Cash.”

“Don’t you dare mention his name in the same sentence as # 45.” Frunk and I had seen Johnny Cash in HOOTNANNY 65.

We were that old.

And Trump wasn’t that much older, but damn that man is fat.

And let’s not forget.


Not like brother and me.

We were thin once.

And so was Trump as an orphan in Pakistan.

Actually he was fat then too.

The abandoned son of a KGB officer.

Last name – Putin.

Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin.

Which means Donald Trump in Russian”

It now makes sense.

The fat people allied themselves with the KGB.

And none of them wear black.

Dank Himmel.

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