A Firm Handshake

When I was a young boy, my father instructed my older brother and me of the value of a firm handshake.

“It’s a sign of a man.”

My brother and I were only 8 and 7, but we heeded out father’s instructions.

Most of our peers were told the same by their fathers, but that didn’t stop bullies from trying to crush your knuckles.

The worst was Father Gavin, the local parish priest, who tested our grips.

He almost made my friend Chuckie Lally cry from the pain.

He attempted to break my knuckles.

I stamped on his foot with my boots.


He released me and I warned him, “Don’t you ever touch Chuckie.”

All the boys in our parish knew Father Gavin to be one of those men who hurt boys.

We hated him.

But none of us were ever touched by him.

I still give a firm handshake, but spare Asians and Arabs the iron grip of West.

Not so the 45th President of the USA.

Donald Trump has dragged US politicians and foreign leaders closer to him as a sign of domination.

At the most recent G-8 he aggressed the newly elected President of France and Emmanuel Macron crushed the doughty pitt of # 45 until Trump signaled ‘uncle’.

What a wanker.

Trump that is.

He has no idea of etiquette, but what else can you expect from the KKK.

To see the exchange between Macron and Trump, please go to the following URL


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