One Seat At A Time – Rob Quist

Rob Quist, a cowboy banjo player, has the lead in a run for a vacant congressional seat representing Montana. The DNC ignored his campaign, preferring to back special interest politicians. They lost in the primary and still they refused to support a man from a Cut Bank ranching family… to until he beat their flunkies. He is on the good side of many issues; gay rights, education, social security, health et al. The DNC hate him.

But not Bernie.

He stands strong for Rob against his GOP alternative.

Fucking Greg Gianforte.

Today this San Diego native was arrested for assaulting a reporter.

The cretin body-slammed the reporter, who asked about health care.

I know he doesn’t deserve the noose.

But no one has swung with dancing heels at Deer Lodge for a long time.

Montana deserves better as do the people of the USA.

To hear Rob Quist’s version of SHADY GROVE, please go the the following URL

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