100 Days Of Trump

Donald Trump has been president for over 100 days and 45 extolled his accomplishments to a faith crowd in Harrisburg Pa. over one-hundred miles from Washington.

The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court pleased his constituency and he deluged the government with over 200 executive orders bypassing Congress, however his first attempt at dismantling Affordable Health Care failed to reach the floor of the House and his Wall to protect the southern border with Mexico remains a figment of his imagination. Donald spoke before the NRA and thanked the gun lobby for their support. His tweets have threatened North Korea and Trump ordered the Navy to nail a Syrian air force base in revenge for Assad’s poison gas on Aleppo. # 45 is a little gun crazy, which scares a world seeking peace.

ICE or the Immigration Bureau has been ordered to round-up illegals, but sanctuary cities rejected his edict.

The President banned citizens from seven Muslim nations from entering the USA.

This executive order was rejected by the courts.

Trump has railed against these failures.

So how bad have been the first 100 days of Trump.

Bad, but not Hitler bad.

The SS aren’t walking down the streets of New York.

Beers at the 169 are still $2 at Happy Hour.

The KKK are there.

The police are still killers.

But Trump does not have the support of the nation.

Not 40%.

And there is no wall with Mexico.

Only san in the wind.

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