420 – 2010 – $4.20

California’s Secretary of State has certified the voting ballot for the legalization of marijuana. 420. The forces of ganga are asking reefer smokers around the nation to support this measure with a donation of $4.20 in recognition of the legendary Point Reyes high school students who would met at the statue of Louis Pasteur to smoke reefer. Millions of potheads gather on 4/20 every year to promote a change in the United States’ failed prohibition against the weed.

While other states have decriminalized possession or sanctioned medical use, California’s initiative would permit growth, possession, sale, and ingestion of marijuana for casual smokers. Progressive legislators are seeking to free up billions of tax dollars wasted on the war against marijuana as well as the potential state revenues gained from the sales tax on marijuana. The police are divided on the issue, although a majority of Californians are in favor of the measure.

If the law passes through the voting process, California would be in conflict with the federal laws against the herb and also New York City’s anti-marijuana jihad led by the ayatollah of uncool, Mayor Bloomberg. Arrests for weed in the 90s hovered around 1000. In 2008 the NYPD rounded up over 40,000 people, mostly young males of color. Andy, the ex-cop at the diamond exchange, said of his years on the force, “You can tell when someone’s high on pot. The stupid smile. An easy arrest and most of the time non-violent too.”

“So you don’t smoke weed?” I knew better.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Andy was a straight Vietnam vet, but was smart enough to recognize when to follow the Pentagon’s policy on homosexuals in the military.

California would be wise if it copied the Netherlands’ lead on marijuana

1. To prevent drug use and to treat and rehabilitate drug users.
2. To reduce harm to users.
3. To diminish public nuisance by drug users (the disturbance of public order and safety in the neighborhood).
4. To combat the production and trafficking of drugs.

(from Wikpedia)

In other words no naked hot tub parties after midnight playing the Grateful Dead at 10 on the volume knob unless you invite the neighbors too.


Send in your contribution of $4.20 to NORML

It’s time to end the madness.

One more thing.

Fuck Bloomberg.

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