The Wall Of Trump The Great

The Great Wall of China was built to defend the Middle Kingdom from barbarian incursions and control border trade. Both the Mongols and Manchus breached the barrier to establish foreign empires.

Last year the Chinese film industry released THE GREAT WALL.

The enemy were lizard beasts.

They were stopped by a gwai-lo Western warrior.

And the Great Wall.

Millions of illegal aliens have flooded the USA.

ICE or the immigration gestapo have been overwhelmed by the numbers. White people are scared of losing their status in the USA.

Very scared.

Donald Trump capitalized on their fears and during the 2016 presidential election vowed to build a wall along the Mexican border paid for by Mexico.

Good idea, right?

Our neighbor’s ex-President offered one gesture to # 45.

The rest of Mexico feels the same way.

So who will pay for the Trump Wall?

Americans, despite Trump’s claims to force Mexico to later settle the cost of the $38 billion construction.

So far nothing has been built.

Just the same old wall as before serving to keep America safe.

Out in the middle of nowhere.

Or even more in the middle of somewhere.

Hundreds of firms are vying for the contract.

Here are some of the designs.

Wie der Berlin Wall.

A wall five times the height of # 45.

Or just say you’re building a wall and charge the Mexicans for it.

The great con.

Keeping America great.

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