Trump Speaketh Before His Minions

Last evening Mr. Trump addressed to the joint houses of Congress. The 45th President of the USA was greeted by applause from both sides of the aisle, as he made his way to the podium. Representatives and Senators stood his hand and upon his standing before the microphone his GOP minions burst into a celebratory standing ovation signifying the defeat of the Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals. This was their night and sticking tightly to a speech written by his daughter Ivana Mr. Trump spoke of the many issues facing this nation.

A protest against hate crimes.

A $1 trillion infrastructure package.

The Wall.




Corporate-controlled Health Care.

Lower tax rates for corporations and the wealthy.

And extra money for the Pentagon.

I shut it off after fifteen minutes.

This is his country now.

Ours exists in our minds.


Do not surrender.

Free Palestine.

Both in the Middle East and Here.

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