The Unpower Of The Press

Through his campaign Donald Trump complained about the lack of impartiality from the Mainstream Media. In truth CNN and MSNBC loved the billionaire’s antic for providing their viewers with cheap entertainment and their interviewers pitched softballs to the GOP candidate, never calling him out on his lies.

Not that Trump’s supporters waver in their faith in the crusade to make America great again.

They are cursed by the miracle of deception.

Truth is not truth. Lies are truth. Trump excelled parroting the blurbs of their paranoid fears, but recent allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election had Trump crowing about the constant barrage of falsehoods from reporters at the White House briefings, so Trump banned his detractors from a press gaggle with Scott Spicer in the White House.

New York Times banned.

CNN banned.

Politico banned.

The Guardian, BuzzFeed, the BBC, the Daily Mail banned.

As enemies of the state.

Maybe now they will report the news.

Show us Donald Trump’s birth certificate.

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