The Third Reich had disappeared in 1945, but the images of its death camp horrors have gripped the imagination of filmmakers and holocaust survivors beyond the death of Hitler, but in 1974 Italian director Liliana Cavani explored the reincarnated sadomasochistic relationship between a SS officer and her concentration camp sex slave played by Charlotte Rampling. Dirk Bogarde’s character has been hiding as a well-mannered night porter of a Viennese hotel, until Lucia checks into his establishment.

Critics loved the film for its raw sexuality, while Roger Ebert attacked the portrayal of a victim’s surrender to her past.

Personally I found the movie scintillating and Charlotte Rampling’s Lucia was a courageous performance for a young actress.

Kinky and controversial without going hardcore.

There are no nice Nazis.

To see NIGHT PORTER go to this URL

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