A Thin Crowd For Trump

Watching the inauguration yesterday I was struck by the low volume of the applause and then spotted large gaps in the audience. The National Park Service is banned from estimating crowds due to GOP budget constraints. The Trump people said the crowd numbered around 250,000 supporters or an eighth of the turn-out for Barack Obama.

Bikers for Trump had promised a 500,000-strong ‘wall of meat’ to protect the new President from harm.

500 showed up in DC.

My estimate for the thin attendance differs from the Trump camp’s numbers.

To me the crowd looks like 87,000 give or take a few thousand.

Where were his people?

At home celebrating?

More likely they were at work and couldn’t afford to travel from the hinterland.

Nothing comes cheap anymore.

But that didn’t stop the Sisters March.

Hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets of the world to protest the new government and declare that they weren’t giving up. The struggle continues. Bravo, sisters. E pluribus unum.

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