Whence Comes the Storm

In 1978 I lived on East 10th Street with my girlfriend, a hillbilly from West Virginia. Our apartment was on the 3rd floor. The bedroom was situated on the airshaft. An actor friend lived with his girlfriend two flights up from us.

Every night the building shivered with the screams of a woman in orgasm. The endless cascade of ‘oh god yes’ continued for a week. The source of this frenzy could only be the actor and his svelte girlfriend. My girlfriend went frigid upon hearing her hysteria and I couldn’t maintain an erection during her multiple orgasm. Finally I confronted my friend in the stairwell, “Could you tell your girlfriend to keep it down?”

“My girlfriend? I thought it was you.”

We were both wrong. The sexual maelstrum was coming from the two lesbians sharing the 4th floor apartment.

They were twice the men we were at half the weight.

Whence the storm cometh.

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