Danger – Moose Crossing

Back in 2008 GOP made a big deal out of Sara Palin’s ability to kill a moose. The Alaskan governor claimed that she used to wake up at 3am to shoot them. Most people would still be in bed.

Personally I have nothing against guns, but coming from Maine my relationship with moose is different from the Alaskan governess with her motto ‘god guns and lipstick’.

Moose in Maine are traffic hazards and the big relatives of elk are responsible for hundreds of accidents in the Great State of Maine, so the Maine DOT suggested the following measures to avoid collisions with moose.

* Drivers should reduce their speed when it is dark.
* Use your high beams where it is appropriate
* Always have everyone buckle up
* Search the roadway ahead to identify potential problem

If you feel a moose-vehicle collision is inevitable, follow these suggestions from the Maine Warden Service:

* Apply the brakes
* Let off the brakes just before impact
* Aim to hit the tail portion of the moose
* Duck down to minimize injury

Or you could also have Sara Palin ride shotgun.

Me, I drive slower.

No sense in killing a moose when you can order pizza.

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