Dirty Donald Trump Sanchez

The Dirty Sanchez is a mythical legend about the sexual aftermath of anal sex.

It’s all a joke, but on Wednesday GOP presidential hopeful flew in his private jet to Mexico City at the invitation of Mexican President Peña Nieto. Both men needed political boosts. The New York billionaire trails Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, despite the intense distrust many Americans feel for the ex-First Lady. Enrique Peña Nieto is also troubled by scandal and murderous violence from the drug cartels, leaving him with a wretched 23% approval rating. The two men met at the National Palace in hopes of gaining traction from the encounter. They spoke about migration and trade.

The two politicians shook hands and wished each other ‘via con dios’.

Trump jetted north of the border.

He told reporters that neither man had mentioned ‘the Wall’ or who will pay for it, although at a rally Donald Trump once more shouted to his followers that Mexico will pay for the coast-to-coast Wall.

$32 billion US, despite only 38% of voters supporting the Wall.

Trump still feels the pull of Mexico in this election.

It’s his one big thing.

Along with the deportation of 11 million illegal aliens on the first day of his presidency.

With what army?

The Mexican Army?

What an idiot.

But then this is America, the land of the freaked.

Anything is possible with idiots at the controls.

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