Sex Space No-No

Newton’s 3rd Law of motion is succinctly described as every motion creates an opposite motion and scientist have cited the absolutism of this law as proof that man can not have sex in Space. The more you try to enter the farther you go from your destination in the state of weightlessness.

Foreplay should to attainable, however actual intercourse might prove impossible. The late Arthur C Clarke theorized that humans were destined to reach an ‘happy ending’ and in RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA wrote the following: “Some women, Commander Norton had decided long ago, should not be allowed aboard ship; weightlessness did things to their breasts that were too damn distracting. It was bad enough when they were motionless; but when they started to move, and sympathetic vibrations set in, it was more than any warm-blooded male should be asked to take. He was quite sure that at least one serious space accident had been caused by acute crew distraction, after the transit of an unholstered lady officer through the control cabin.”

High orbit presents a myriad of challenges to space missions. Physical and Mental. The present NASA pilot for the International Space Station has ruled that sex is an activity better left for earth. The career navy man fends off any queries about intercourse among his crew with the easy answer.

“We don’t have it and we won’t.”

Four women. Two men.

Menage a trois times two.

I’ve only had sex once in orbit. A trans-Pacific flight. LA-Bangkok. I hadn’t had sex in six months. Mam was waiting at the airport. I thought about her nakedness once high over the Pacific. I stayed in the bathroom five minutes.

“Are you all right,” asked the 60 year-old United stewardess.


And I bet the astronauts are just as human.

Only better than better.

The best.

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