Exterminate Exterminate

Doctor Who’s arch-enemies, the Daleks, have been retired by the BBC. Their continual failure to achieve their mission of ultimate extermination downgraded the threat of the extraterrestial mutants. The studio hasn’t announced any plans for the retired aliens, but this year my landlord AP set up a mobile AC unit in my apartment for my birthday.

It was a warm week and I had had a hard time sleeping that evening and my restlessness had nothing to do with the four beers I had as a nightcap.

The problem was that the smooth white Royal Sovereign Colling Unit resembled the plasma-spewing hate-fill war machine of the Daleks shorn of the hemispherical protuberances and killing appendages against the Daleks.

My sleep was disturbed by memories of the mutants’ croaking cry.

“Make no attempt to capture them, they are to be exterminated, you understand, exterminated.”

I woke each time to glare at the Royal Sovereign Colling Unit.

The temperature in my room was 73F.

It seemed to be doing its job and I fell back asleep with one eye open and a long scarf on the bedpost. It always worked for Doctor Who and he was ever-victorious.

I will not be exterminated.

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