Palm Beach Wake

Several years ago friend was invited to the funeral of her ex-husband’s brother. Alice had spent 18 years with her ex. After contemplating the various scenarios, she deigned to send flowers as her representative at the wake.

Here’s her email

After Bad Bob’s description of the insane weekend with my former husband and in laws, I can only refer to the quote in your last email. It’s something my mother would have loved, even though she always betrayed her own advice. She once said to me, after the first time she met the whole lot of them at Thanksgiving, “How can people that poor be that fucked up?” She was shit faced at the time and certainly not a snob given her predilection for stable hands, plumbers and drug dealers but it was absolutely dead on accurate because that family, every last one of them, is completely whacked and not in a ha ha, amusing way.


We invite people like that to tea, but we don’t marry them.
Lady Chetwode on her future son-in-law, John Betjeman

The rich certainly have their ways.

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