Mea Culpa Barbie

Barbie was a doll born of the 60s. Her original body scale if set to 5-9 would give her dimensions of a 36-inch chest, 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. Her unearthly body was never questioned by the millions of girls, who loved the Mattel creation, and certainly not by their brothers, who undressed Barbie whenever no one was home to recreate the act of sex between Barbie and her boyfriend. Few of us were imaginative enough to realize the possibility of a menage-a-trois.

Barbie was the first women 60s boys ever loved and anyone who tells you different is a liar, unless they were into Ken.

And a lot of my friends did love Ken.

He was so cool.

Especially when watching us ply with Barbie.

Ken never squealed to my sisters.

He was a good guy and there was nothing wrong with playing with dolls. At least not my method, because rubbing Ken and Barbie together like two sticks inflamed my pubescent mind to a fever pitch.

Mea culpa Barbie.

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