Subvertizements of Apartheid

According to activists from London Palestine Action plastered these posters criticizing Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians all over London’s underground train network early Sunday morning calling them “subvertisements,” political messages designed to look like sanctioned advertising.

Next week It’s Israeli Apartheid Week in the UK.

Israel has spend billions demonizing the Palestinians as terrorists, a non-race, and animals. The UK has sold the Zionist State billions of arms to oppress Gaza and the West Bank. Several Israeli organization demanded for the posters to be taken down before the Monday rush hour. Transport officials said they got most, but not all, so the message went out to some people.

The UK Zionist Federation on Monday called for authorities to “apprehend the original culprits.” and the Prime Minister called the ads ‘inciteful’.

I am sure he meant to say ‘insightful’ since inciteful is not a word.
According to former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, who in 2009 evaded a UK arrest warrant for war crimes, denied that Israel practices apartheid and said the posters showed that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement “is against the existence of Israel.”

What they are against is the apartheid treatment of Palestinians; pass cards, arbitrary arrests, infantile incarceration, house bombing, and the theft of land without any recourse to justice.


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