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Texas Blizzard

Two days ago I was stunned to see trees budding in Boston Commons, although understandable since this December has been strangely warm. Temperatures have risen into the 60s and are expected to remain in the 50s. Flowers are budding throughout the North East, but the National Weather Service has forecasted an extraordinarily fierce snowstorm to […]

44DDD – Liz Renay

Several years ago I attended an opening for THE ART OF LIZ RENAY curated by SCOTT EWALT at the 76 Grand Street Gallery. The late artist’s contributions spanned two centuries in exotic dancing, literature, and film most notably as Divine’s co-star in John Waters’ 1977 paean to bad taste DESPERATE LIVING, but the starlet was […]

Dawn Davenport – Cha Cha Heels for Christmas – Divine / John Waters

Nothing says a shitty Christmas better than Divine’s tirade in John Waters FEMALE TROUBLE. TO WATCH THIS SCENE, PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING URL:


After the last Republican debates of 2015 Donald Trump retained his poll lead on the rest of the field and this afternoon I attributed his popularity to the upcoming release of STAR WARS and the billionaire’s resemblance to Chewbacca. Then again Chewbacca has real hair. And the Force is with his hair. Trumpacca not.

The Last Days of Babylon from

The Last Days of Babylon July 12, 2013 Throughout 70s and 80s the Times Square was a haven for XXX theaters, go-go girls, pimps, whore houses, rent boys, hustlers, thieves, dealers, and lowlifes on the make. Police and city authorities had declared the area as DMZ for crime and sex. The 1977 debut of Show […]