Monthly Archives: October 2015

LEAVING NY by Peter Nolan Smith

Thirty summers ago I was stuck in New York waiting for a doorman job in Gemany. My pockets were empty and my rent was a month late. Many of my friends worked at Danceteria on West 21st Street. I ate at the BBQ on the roof and drank for free. The owner was a fan […]

Chrystie’s Coming Out Of The Closet

Back in 2008 a nasty rumor about the Democratic candidate for president surfaced from Chicago. The mainstream media avoided publishing a report of crack, sex, and politics. Lesser outlets ran with the story of Duluth man’s sordid encounter with Barack Obama in 1999. Mr. Sinclair asserted that the two men had used coke and crack […]

Scalping Jacket

In John Ford’s classic western THE SEARCHERS Natalie Wood portrays a captive white girl who shows a scalp staff to her Uncle Ethan. Debbie’s half-brother wants to kill Scar, the Chief on the spot, but the Texas Ranger played by John Wayne stays his hand and promises to kill her husband the next time they […]

Queen of Torture

Recently several newspapers have reported on Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, whose enthusiasm for harsh interrogation methods in the CIA Rendition program earned the diminutive the title the ‘Queen of Torture’, since the top-ranking CIA officer has been the subject of a criminal complaint for authorizing the torture of a German national seized by Black-Ops while he […]

Captain Crack To The Rescue

Canada’s Steve Harper has served three terms as prime minister without ever winning a majority of the vote. His conservative policies have favored the rich over the non-rich ie 99% of the election. The citizens of the northern nation have had enough, but the opposition is fragmented into several parties incapable of winning a greater […]