Give Peace A Chance

Back in the last century Richie Boy, Ronnie D, and I were surfing in the Hamptons. The day ended with beers on the beach. A fire from driftwood warmed our bones and we rehashed old stories, as the sun sank over the salt marsh. Richie Boy’s girlfriend asked us to pose for a picture. We stood together in our wetsuits.

Dawn said, “One-two-three.” and clicked a photo.

“Stop that,” a man shouted from the hightide line. He was British and older than us. “I don’t want any photos taken.”

“Who the fuck is taking photos of a loser like you?” I yelled back and Richie Boy started laughing, “You idiot, that’s Paul McCartney.”

“Asshole,” I muttered under my breath, as the old Beatle waddled down the beach. He wasn’t even in Dawn’s photo. I was never a McCartney fan and in 2008 he showed his true colors by playing John Lennon’s GIVE PEACE A CHANCE at a show in Tel Aviv. Maybe some of them will listen, although I think IMAGINE is much more effective a song.

Peace on Mars.

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