Monthly Archives: August 2015

$8.75 Steak A La Danceteria

I bought a steak with three drink tickets or two with a bump 56 minutes ago · Like Henry Benavides commented that he and Ann the elevator girl made Guacamole one night with main ingredient Vodka. It sold out. Then I picked up Ann and put her butt first in the garbage can in the […]

The Messiah Speaketh on Wisdom

The Lord of Truth lives. George Carlin. Check out this URL

Bernie Versus Hillary

Today I saw my first Bernie volunteers in fort Greene, Brooklyn. The Bernster has my vote. Sanders was the only senator to vote against the War in Iraq. ps George Carlin as VP

Asshole of the Week 8/18/2015 Kim Davis

I understand belief as a Red Sox fan. I knew in my heart that the Fenway Faithful would be rewarded with a World Series triumph, although maybe not in my lifetime. This year I haven’t worn my Red Sox Nation shirt. The Bosox never got it together and we are last in the American League […]

Julian Bond RIP

“Violence is black children going to school for 12 years and receiving 6 years’ worth of education.” – Julian Bond A great and tireless fighter for human rights. Julian Bond was not quitter. None of us should be either. RESIST.