Everlasting Snow

The temperatures in New York are hovering under the 90s and a pleasant breeze is cooling the populace of Fort Greene. This last week I ditched my Christmas tree ‘Ole Tree’ for fear of the dried pine needles combusting into flames and burning down my landlord’s brownstone, but I well remember the winter of 2014-2015 and not because the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in January.

At one point last winter it snowed in every one of the 48 Lower States, even someplace in Florida’s Panhandle. Some band of drunken merrymakers erected a huge snowman in Chinatown across from the 169 Bar.

Buffalo and Boston were particularly hard hit by blizzards. My aunt and uncle in Marblehead to the north of the Mystic River reported the melting of the last snow in late-April, however this week the new media announced that the remnants of several gigantic snow pile in Buffalo had lasted throughout the summer.

“Winter is coming” has been spoken by many characters in THE GAME OF THRONES.

The other day I spotted with Santa Claus outfit on the sidewalk.

Winter didn’t come soon enough to save him from evaporation, but it’s only four more months to the season of good sledding, so enjoy the heat, because the cold was very cold last winter and I expect more of the same.

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