Tangled Wire Theory

Last night I put my headphones on the kitchen table. The leads were attached to my iPad. The power chord was separated from the headphone wires by several inches. I fell asleep to dreams of Thailand. I do miss my family.

The next morning I woke early and went into the kitchen. The iPad is the same position on the table as the previous night, however the wires were in a tangle like they were the participants in a rattlesnake orgy. No one had entered the room during the night, so I was mystified by this phenomena of tangled wires, although two years ago I was working with Sean Bauer of PS 122 and as we put away long electrical cords for the theater, he said, “You have to twist the wires every time you wind them or else they spin in the plastic sheaths.”

His explanation sounded logical, but I searched Google without finding any support to his theory other than one scientist suggesting the analogy that our bodies are comprised of billions of cells and even more nucleus only 20m big, however our signature of DNA has a length of 3 meters if it were laid out in a straight line. Instead it is meshed by a maze of ever-changing knots by the constant motion of our bodies.

This made some sense to me, but tonight I’m videotaping the wires while I’m asleep.

I’m sure the tangles have something to do with elves.

Both have a mischievous reputation.

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