Poor Call Girl

Last weekend a 27 year-old sex worker pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of a Google executive. The judge sentenced Alix Catherine Tichelman to six years in prison. The prosecutor claimed that the call girl never attempted to assist the 51 year-old internet manager and surveillance video backed up his charges to the jury of her peers.

Her defense attorney argued, “There was no intent to harm or injure, much less kill, Mr. Hayes. Why would she? He was a lucrative source of income to her. She appreciated his generosity.”

His plea for leniency fell on deaf ears, as Santa Cruz is well-known along the coast as a heroin entrepot and law enforcement, unwilling to surrender in the War on Drugs, wanted to show that they still consider drugs against the law.

Six years for administering an overdose and not a day of jail for the CIA, who has long controlled the drug trade in order to suppress the people of the USA.

Innocent until proven guilty by a witness living long enough to sit before the court.

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