The Revenge of LBFMs

Men come to Pattaya for one reason.

It is not golf or the beach.

They come for the girls.

The Thai girls offer ‘companionship’. Farang men are obliged to exchange money for this friendship, even if it’s for as little as an hour. Almost everyone understand the dynamics of the exchange, however newcomers to the scene boast, “I never pay for it.”

Saying it and doing it are two different things, for nothing gets Thai bar girls angrier than being stiffed by a drunk westerner. Their normal response is to sulk from the hotel room and wait to see the pride-filled short-timer drunk on walking street or soi 8. She will point out the ‘Cheap Charlie’ out to her friends and they will pummel his head with high heels.

Blood splatters everywhere, because ‘Cheap Charlie’ didn’t understand the simple rules of economics in Pattaya.

A man always pays for it.

One way or another.

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