Fort Greene Park Of Snowdon

This morning dawn cast the spring sun on the plaza of the Prison Ship Dead in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Early morning joggers and drowsy dog-walkers were greeted by a new edition to the Olmstead-designed park, for a bronze bust of Edward Snowden, the man to out the NSA’s illegal spying on American soil, had been erected atop a stone plinth by a team of sculptors.

The story of the statue had been filmed by

This part of Brooklyn is more progressive than that island of wealth across the East River and in reality no one anywhere in the USA cares about the NSA spying on them, because most Americans say nothing worth anything 7/24/365 and they also confess their sins everyday on

And none of them know well enough to keep their mouths shut or their fingers tapping on their cellphones, which overwhelms any chance that the NSA has to decipher the Tower of Babble’s trillions of syllables crisscrossing the atoms of existence until the white noise of incomprehension.

And the US government was outraged by Snowden’s revelations of a multi-billion intrusive illegal program with nothing to show for a single cent other than to say it’s important to surveil the War on Terror.

Last week a Kenyan university was attacked by Somali extremists.

A brutal attack.

Same at Novel Peace Laureate Menachim Begin’s attack on the Hotel David leaving 99 dead and scores of wounded.

The USA wants to listen.

But to nothing and the ancillary agencies of the CIA and FBI are more than willing to pursue anyone saying that they are not supposed to say in the Land of the Free.

The NYPD thought the same.

Within a few hours the Park Department had covered the bust with a blue plastic tarp.

Unauthorized art in a park is against the law.

The NYPD seized the statue to find DNA from the artists.

They could arrest anyone.

And the NSA will help.

Nice work Snowden.

Some of us will speak free.

Especially these sculptors.

They risked chance.

To see the video of the erecting of the bust, please go to this URL

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