Sperm All Over Florida

Cyros International, the self-proclaimed world’s largest international sperm bank, has announced its plans to move its U.S. main office and inventory from New York to Orlando in order to attract more sperm donors from the male students of University of Central Florida.

Florida also offers the company lower taxes, but a company spokesperson said, “There’s a huge donor base here 18 to 29, because of the universities. Approved donors are screened for a variety of genetic diseases and can make up to $750 a month.”

$750 a month is a decent part-time income and I’m certain that compulsive masturbators might be able to double that with a a little indecent inspiration.

Cyros is seeking to add a wide variety of donors to answer the needs of fertility clinics’ customers’ genetic demands, but have stated that they are not interested in redheaded sperm, due to an overstock of that donation.

Too many redheads?

Freckles must be next.

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