The Curse No More

The Boston Red Sox finally killed the Babe Ruth Curse by miraculously coming back from three games down in the 2004 ALCS finals against their dreaded nemesis, the New York Yankees.

Heroic performances by pitcher Curt Shilling and power hitter David Ortiz shall live in the memories of the Red Sox Nation throughout this century.

Hundreds and then thousands and tens of thousands of the faithful descended on Landsdowne Street to celebrate the moment. Boston police saw 90,000 fans and decided that they were the enemy. Officers fired rubber bullets, bean bags, and tear gas into the celebrating crowd, as if they were protestors in Gaza, instead of Boston fans.

One aimed projectile struck Victoria Snelgrove in the head. The college student died at the hands of the police. The officer was given paid leave.

The Commissioner of the Boston Police, O’Toole called the celebrants ‘punks’ and condoned her officers’ attack on the unarmed public. Douglas K. Stern defended the Boston PD. He was rewarded with a position at a prestigious law firm defending white collar crime.

A true scumbag deserving of public shunning.

We do not forget and Trot Nixon, Red Sox outfielder said the day after,”I would trade back the win in Game 7 to have her back.”

Fuck the Pigs.

I’m cool with the Yankees and Babe Ruth,

They ain’t killers.

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