Monthly Archives: November 2014

Bridges and Typewriters

In Jan. 1982 a french magazine ACTUEL hired me to work the work at their Paris nightclub, Le Rex. I bid good-bye to New York and flew from JFK to Heathrow with one bag of my best clothing and an Olivetti typewriter. After a brief visit with friends in London, I boarded a train at […]

$1.19 Steak At Tad’s

I ate my first steak at Tad’s. 1964. Someplace near Penn Station $1.19 I made five times that as a newspaper boy. We were not wage slaves in the age of Tad’s Steakhouse.

All The Leaves Are Brown

Sunday morning I took this photo from the top floor of the Fort Greene Observatory. The sky was gray and the Mamas and Papas’ CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ rang in my ears. I was 2900 miles from the West Coast and rain sloshed on the sidewalk. I went to work in wet gear. The streets of Manhattan […]

Le Livre de Philippe Waty

The Steamin’ Musselmen or les Muselmans Fumant were an artistic troupe de force in Paris through the 1980s and 1990s. Philippe Waty co-founded the group and his vibrant iconography adorned the walls of the abandoned city quarters. Philippe painted with the spirit of Chester Hines’s Black America matched by his collaborators; Fabrice Langlade, Tristam de […]

The Last Of Millions

George Lawrence Price (1892 – 1918) The last to fall in the Great War. A Canadian from Falmouth, Nova Scotia.