Dump Bill Bratton

In 2012 police in the USA arrested over 750,000 people for marijuana with the vast majority of those detained being charged with possession. Violent crime arrests were 200,000 less than that number, revealing that law enforcement throughout the War on Crime was more interested in filling out quotas than address real crime such as murder, rape, or white-collar bank theft.

Up to 50,000 of those arrests were in New York City under the direction of then-Mayor Bloomberg, who instructed watch officers to grind out reefer arrests to supplement budget shortfalls and show the media that they weren’t soft on drugs, however the Drug War has been lost for years and like Wehrmacht officers in Nazi Germany or generals in Viet-Nam certain top brass refuse to admit defeat.

NYC’s top cop William Bratton is one of those fools and upon hearing of Mayor DeBlasio’s retreat from prosecuting drug sales, argued that stop-and-frisk and detention for marijuana were valuable tools in the police arsenal, except the majority of arrests reflected the racist attitudes of the NYPD.

86% of the arrests were Black or Hispanic in a city where 40% of the population is white.

DeBlasio has not stopped the madness entirely, since the NYPD can still issue tickets and summons for marijuana possession for the purpose of revenue piracy of the lower class.

According to the NY Times Mayor de Blasio’s police commissioner, William J. Bratton, who vowed to continue making low-level marijuana arrests.

This statement proves Bratton’s incapability of being New York City’s commissioner.

It is time for him to submit his resignation.

No fines, no tickets, no crime.

Make every day 4:20 until the cops wave the white flag.

They lost the War.

Fuck Bratton.

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