Monthly Archives: September 2014

XKE Jaguar In Reverse

The XKE Jaguar convertible was the epitome of 1960s British cool, but upon seeing this photo I somehow recalled two motorhead brothers in 1968 attempting to rearrange the sleek convertible’s configuration in reverse. The twins from the South Shore of Boston switched the transmission and the steering to the rear. The adults on Anderson Street […]

Bonneville Salt Flats from BACK AND FORTH a hitchhiking novel from Peter Nolan Smith

The dawn sun burned misty shadows off the distant mountains and its stark brightness seared through my eyelids. I rose from my sleeping bag to drink in the austere surroundings. A white flatness stretched around me forever and a hissing wind pelleted my face with ancient brine. This was the Bonneville Salt Flats. A quick […]

Electric Zroom

This week an engineering team from Brigham Young University broke the world speed limit for an electric car in the “E1” racing class at the Bonneville Salt Flats. 200 MPH The Buckeye Bullet holds the top speed for all classes with a speed of over 300 MPH, although in the 1900s the Baker Electric Car […]

Watchic Autumn by Regina Rutter

The end of the line for summer. Fall is ravenous for cool days, The crunch of brightly, colored leaves underfoot, The smoky sweetness of wood fires, And the sharp, crisp bite of fresh picked apples. The loon’s soul-filled cry at night mourns with me the passage of another season And the loss of the symphony […]


New York is a city of eight million. Every day millions of commuters, truckers, and travelers pass through the five boroughs to a myriad of destinations. The residents of this mighty metropolis look up into the sky of a day and think that we are spared the smog of LA. Today’s Air Quality Index is […]