Thai Prison Phii

Why do cemeteries have fences around them?

Because everyone is dying to get in.

It’s the exact opposite for prison.

Okay, this joke isn’t so funny to adults and neither was the 2009 appearance of a ghost in Bangkok’s Crime Suppression Division, where several guests of the state have experienced sleepless nights due to the unwanted presence of a ghost or pii in a red tank top sitting on a cardboard box.

A man charged with credit-card fraud has been possessed several times by this spirit, who has chosen to groan about being released from incarceration. A cellmate collaborated that he had also seen the unearthly ghost try to attack him. His defensive blow struck another prisoner, after which he passed out.

The ghost is supposedly that of a man charged with rape of a family member who hung himself in the cell early this month. The division commander has ordered an exorcism to alleviate the problem, but Mint from Soi 6 said, “When a pii doesn’t want to leave, sometimes it is because they have been cursed for a number of years before they can leave this life.”

An exorcism might work for this pii, but probably only if they open all the doors to the prison, since he can not get out on his own.

Sounds like a prison break to me.

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