SNOW-WHIGGITY by Gianni Rage

Gianni Rage posted this poesie.

It tells of a time of the back then before the rich ruled Manhattan.

It was our city and for a good reason.

People like hookers, pimps, and dope fiends.

They protected us from the rich.


SNOW-WHIGGITY by Gianni Rage

It doesn’t have a title ironically, that was not really a poem…I was going to write it as poesies but opted for something more linear and prosaic…I will definitely have a look at this!!I am almost like a changed man with this weather…I feel like writing tonight…
A fairytale.
About a hooker.
A hooker named Snow-Whiggity…
This is back in the day when NYC was actually still a city, not a giant terrarium…
The whole thing takes place on 23rd St.
Snow-Whiggity has a mean, gay pimp named Evil Queen…
She wants to get away from him but it is hard because she is a dope fiend.
Then she is hired for a party by “seven little men”—seven very small Puerto Ricans….
They are so impressed with her that they let her live in their social club on 9th Ave.
Snow-Whiggity has it made…she can now turn all of her tricks in comfort…and keep her own damn money ‘cuz the little men don’t ask her for nothin’
She even does a porno flick with them as a laugh.
But Evil Queen finds her and manages to slip her a hot shot…
She turns blue and goes unconscious, and the seven little men think she is dead.
So they do the only thing you could do with a dead junkie hooker in those days, which is drag her dead ass down to the West Side Highway and make it look like a hit-and-run…
But the little men like her too much to be that cold.
So they lay her in an old refrigerator box and pin a note to it.
But of course she is not actually dead, the dope was just REAL GOOD…
And she wakes up to find a brand new, handsome, young, straight pimp named Prince Charming leaning over her…
And the seven little men take out Evil Queen.
And everybody lives happily ever after

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