White Flags O’er Brooklyn Bridge

Earlier in the morning five people climbed the tower of the Brooklyn Bridge and hauled up a dyed white American flag.

The NYPD have no suspects and called the act a ‘stunt’ rather than an act of terrorism.

The Freaked Fearful expressed their consternation to the Daily News with one construction worker stating, “This is where you land the plane. X marks the spot. It was really scary.”

The flags were identified as stolen.

Outrage was another reaction.

The flag hanger of the bridge said, “I’m so angry I can’t tell you what I want to say. It’s senseless. Whoever did this should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

Police found no bombs or messages, however Daly News readers responded with attacks on the NYPD’s lackadaisical security for the major bridge, claiming that the cops are more interested in writing tickets against the citizens of New York that they haven’t the time to insure the public safety.

I agree with this consensus having been fined for riding my bike down a subway platform at 12am.


To pay for the taxes of the rich.

Fuck ex-mayor Bloomberg who had the PIGS arrest over 400,000 low-level pot offenders.

Over 80% were black or Latino.

All of those arrests should be expunged from the court records.

ps a white flag means surrender, which is what the police should do about the enforcement of the marijuana laws.

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