Iraq Break-Up

The World Cup superseded all news over the weekend.

The Civil War in Iraq continued without cessation during the last weeks of Ramadan, the holy fasting month of Islam.

ISIS the Islamic militant force from Syria is looking for a knockout blow against the US-supported Malaki regime. The Kurds to the north have seized two important oilfields and the Sunnis are seeking to ethnically cleanse the Shiites from the center of the country.

In all likelihood the nation of Iraq will splinter into several sections come the autumn.

President Obama has sent in 300 troops. No one in America wants more, although Sen. John McCain has been crowing about losing Iraq with the same intensity of the hawks blaming Eisenhower for the Fall of Chiang Kai-Shek’s China.

Iraq has been gone since well before GW Bush appeared on the aircraft carrier to declare MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

US and Western interests are not for peace, but the manipulation of oil prices with a threat to Iraq’s three million bbl a day production.

Gas at $5.

Why not?

No one walks anywhere in the suburbs. The trains in the USA are falling apart. An SUV makes fat people look thin.

$6 by Christmas.

With fracking from coast to coast.

It’s a beautiful world.

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