Weird Womb’s Tour Manager

Last week Dakota Pollock of Weird Womb asked me to write a band bio.

I became friends with the group’s singer and Johnny the guitarist at the 169 Lounge, Chinatown’s epic dive bar on East Broadway and had seen the Tucson quartet at Shea Stadium, so I told Dakota, “Sure.”

They were my favorite new band and I wrote the following;

After Weird Womb fulfilled their anti-social studies in Tucson, the garage-punk quartet drifted to New York and forged their music in the crucible of infamy. The endless hours of rehearsal have rewarded Weird Womb with a tight onstage persona of a band seeking the enlightenment of oblivion, as the four friends devoutly reincarnate the sonic soul of rebellion within a solid wall of guitars, bass, and drums topped by their frontman Dakota Pollock singing UNDER MY SCUM and PALE PISS.

Their ‘Ruined by the 90′s’ tour will hit the road in the late summer, but until then catch Weird Womb when and where you can in New York.

They don’t suck.

Dakota liked it and on Friday I sat at the bar of the 169, drinking ‘gansetts’ and eating oysters, while extolling the virtues of the MC5. The lead guitarist Johnny Saczko was in agreement and said, “You know you should be our tour manager this summer.”

“Where you going?” I didn’t have a steady job. In fact I had no job.

“The West Coast.” Johnny was a little older than Dakota, whom he had met at a troubled youth office in downtown Tucson along with the other band members Eric Parisi, the drummer, and bass player Brad Pitt.

“Like LA, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco?”

“Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz aren’t into punk.”

“You’re a punk band, I thought you were a BeeGees cover band.”

“We don’t do covers. We’re hitting San Jose and Arcata. Your job would be organizing everything, driving the van, and making sure we get paid.”

“Cool.” I liked the idea of handling the money. I shouted to Dakota at the other end of the bar. “Yo, I’m your new tour manager.”

He walked down to us and Johnny explained the plan.

“Great, can you stay up past midnight?”

“Not in New York, but I’ll have a three-hour timezone advantage on the West Coast.” That put my pillowtime a little past 2AM. “Anywhere else other than California?”

“Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota.”

This was a dream trip.

“Count me in.”

We toasted my new job with whiskey shots.

It had a nice ring to it.

Weird Womb’s tour manager.

To hear Weird Womb’s PALE PISS, go to this URL

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