This morning I watched the finale of HBO’S TREME, a four-year series about post-Katrina New Orleans muscial working class created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. Like in any good story the characters become your friends and enemies, but what stuck with me most about TREME was its devotion to the many genres of music fermenting in the Faubourg Treme neighborhood. The last show was time-framed during the Mardi Gras of 2009.

The city has survived Katrina. The people fight for their rights. The music is their soul.

As the last scenes tie up the loose ends I found myself elated by the mastery of the tale.

We are people.

All of us.

One planet.

One life.

All together.

Through the better or worse and the beauty of TREME’s finale was enough to put tears in my eyes like I had said good-bye to a friend, but then I can watch the show again someday.

And that would be a good thing as all good thing get better with age.

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