Gerard Depardieu GOING PLACES

In 1978 I saw the French road film LES VALSEUSES or GOING PLACES at the St. Mark’s Cinema. The Bernard Blier movie about two thugs blissfully wandering through France was a Gallic counterbalance to the other feature on the double bill EASY RIDER. Gerard Depardieu’s comic talent complimented the late Patrick Dewaeare and I kept my eyes peeled for future endeavors.

I was tantalized by his tough guy performance in the expose into the world of S&M MAITRESSE. I watched Singapore girls cry during his interpretation of CYRANO and he won US acclaim for his acting in GREEN CARD.

Depardieu was excoriated for having admitted to raping a girl in his youth, however he continued to churn out films at a rate of 3-8 a year.

Prolific and also very huge.

In 2012 he moved to Belgium to avoid French taxes on the rich and after governmental criticism he handed back his passport. The next year Boris Putin granted him Russian citizenship and the actor blithely attacked the opponents of the ex-KGB officer, but Depardieu returned to France in 2014.

Once a froggie, always a froggie.

Once a thug, always a thug.

To see LES VALSEUSES, please go to the following URL

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