Monthly Archives: January 2014

Winter Boom Boom

Last night I heard a rumble from the river. The thunder sounded like a battle. I worried that the Canadians had attacked New York City. I called several friends living on the Hudson. The growling grew louder. Finally Rod Longprong answered his phone. “I heard the same thing. It’s fireworks.” “Fireworks for what?” “For Super […]

A SENSE OF LOSS by Peter Nolan Smith

American women are fairly unforgiving about adultery. If their husband cheats on them, they rape him for 50% of everything. American men cry about this loss of material goods, however Thai women react in the extreme to their mate’s infidelity. Back in 2008 I was sitting in a West Palm Beach Thai restaurant with my […]

Malay Ban on Smiling Pigs

This weekend The New York Times published a small fluff story about how Switzerland has banned ownership of one guinea pig since they suffer from loneliness. This law is very protective of porkers, however not everyone loves pigs. Seal Beach in Orange Country has banned household pigs, which was directed at the one pet-owner in […]

John DeSilvia / Builder

Last week my good friend John DeSilvia appeared on Katie Couric showing her viewers how to save money when building a house. Here’s his bio: John DeSilvia is a tough-as-nails Brooklyn native and a former union carpenter. A licensed contractor, “Johnny D” earned a degree from the Pratt Engineering School. After graduation he learned the […]

Page 45

A friend of mine wrote that if you pick up the book closest to you and open to page 45, then the first line will describe your life. I think this type of shit is nonsense, however the Taschen John Lennon book was at hand and I opened the paperback to page 45. “Foreign-made pornographic […]