Polar Vortex

In 1978 a historic blizzard blasted the East Coast. Boston was buried underneath three feet of snow. New York had two feet. Buffalo ceased to be a place of human habitation. We survived that storm.

The snow melted in the Spring and flowers bloomed in May.

No one is thinning about roses in America or Canada.

A polar vortex has descended across the continent.

Temperatures rival those in Antarctica.

-70 in International Falls.

Cold, but not close to absolute zero or −459.67° on the Fahrenheit scale.

This afternoon it was 10 degrees in Fort Greene.

I walked out of the house in my ski clothing.

My only exposure to the weather was my face.

The cold penetrated deep under my flesh.

Global Warming denialists crow about the cold weather.

The dunderheads must have never seen THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

Global warming is about extremes.

Extreme cold.

Extreme hot.

Extreme floods.

Extreme droughts.

Today 90% of the North American continent was below freezing.

i.e. Zero Celsius the point where water freezes to ice.

This evening I looked to the sky.

The stars shimmered in the cosmos.

I didn’t notice any rapid movements of light, but I’m expecting the ETs to come back here pissed at our failure to maintain the terraforming of Earth.

Alien lizards do not like the cold.

I don’t like the cold either.

I guess that comes from my alien genes.

We do like beer.

It’s a universal trait.

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