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Why Then Matters

Several months ago I was at a party in Williamsburg. My tales of hitchhiking, bareback sex, and cocaine nightclubs mesmerized a clutch of true believers and a young girl holding a PBR asked, “When did then end?” “Then?” “Then.” The question was shared her friends’ inquisitive eyes. “There is nothing like then now.” “Nothing like […]

TIME Man Of The Year 2013

I was baptized a Catholic. I have been an atheist since the age of 8. The scandals of Holy Roman Church has reinforced my decision over the years, however I like the new pope. Francis I was once a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires. I worked that job for over twenty years in New York, […]

Big Ears

The NSA has existed as an electronic intelligence organization since World War I. The Cipher Bureau sought to analysis the coded messages of the German High Command for the naval convoys seeking to evade U-boats in the North Atlantic. According to Wikipedia on July 5, 1917 the unit consisted of Herbert O. Yardley and two […]


Throughout the 00s I lived on Moo 9 on Soi BongKot in Pattaya. My house backed onto a nature reserve. The Thais called it a ‘chaai laehn’ or swamp. Their definition was justified by the hordes of mosquitoes haunting the dusk, but the various birds thrived on the nightly swarms. Few farangs or westerners lived […]


I love Die Antwoord. Happy Holidays from the Rich Bitch. To listen to RICH BITCH, please go to the following URL