Big Ears

The NSA has existed as an electronic intelligence organization since World War I. The Cipher Bureau sought to analysis the coded messages of the German High Command for the naval convoys seeking to evade U-boats in the North Atlantic. According to Wikipedia on July 5, 1917 the unit consisted of Herbert O. Yardley and two civilian clerks sitting in a townhouse on East 37th Street in New York City.

M-18 or the Black Chamber was disbanded in 1929 by the Secretary of State.

“Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.”

The Communist threat changed the moral code.

American agents listened to everything with interest.

The NSA backed up the allegations of a North Vietnamese attack on the American destroyer USS Maddox during the Gulf of Tonkin incident as well as illegally wiretapped the phones of Senators Frank Church, Howard Baker, and Dr. Martin Luther King.

They learned nothing.

After 9/11 the NSA was given carte blanche to investigate the world.

Eric Snowden blew a whistle on the agency.

He gave his files to the Guardian.

We learned that the NSA listened to everyone. No one really cares about this intrusion of privacy. They have nothing to hide. Communications over the cellphone are bullshit judging from my eavesdropping on inane monologues of mobile phone users.

I regard them as victims or potential zombie food.

All their senses have collapsed into an atrophied coma.

See nothing.

Hear nothing.

Feel nothing.

Same as the NSA and the US Government.

No one can see the light when they stare into the darkness.

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